Ability to access older versions of TagSpaces Pro

I’ve updated tagspaces pro to version 5.2.2. It came with bug that made the application unusable for me. I can’t go back to previous version because the pro page doesn’t have older versions (that I could access before) available. I’ve lost my older installer, so I can’t reinstall the old version anymore. I can’t go to free version, because it lacks some of the pro features that I use.

The page to download pro version of tagspaces should list all versions I could access during my subscription period.

(The bug in question is Selecting reorders file entries in list view · Issue #1694 · tagspaces/tagspaces · GitHub but it doesn’t have anything to do with this Feature request - older version should be available regardless)

Just write us on info@tagspaces.org the desired version, operating system and package type and we will provide you a download link.