Geotagging with polygons

I’ve been working in the mining/environment sector (public organizations) for quite a while
A major problem that we ve been facing -a problem that not even expensive software like ESRI’s ArcInfo can deal with - it only supports one coordinate tagging I think) is “projecting” documents on an area : that is relating a document (usually a digitally signed pdf document) with a POLYGON (or multiple polygons ) on a map
eg a permit for a mine/ a factory/ a wind mill , a prohibition, a lease …even a survey (in a university library) etc refer to an AREA NOT to a POINT!
so if tag spaces could show/project in a separate window (maybe from google earth-pro ??) a kml or shp that may have the same name with a pdf and is found in the same folder (eg permit1.pdf and permit1.kml) , that would make tagspaces unique in handling such data and far more handy than any other free or paid software!!