Geotagging with polygons

I’ve been working in the mining/environment sector (public organizations) for quite a while
A major problem that we ve been facing -a problem that not even expensive software like ESRI’s ArcInfo can deal with - it only supports one coordinate tagging I think) is “projecting” documents on an area : that is relating a document (usually a digitally signed pdf document) with a POLYGON (or multiple polygons ) on a map
eg a permit for a mine/ a factory/ a wind mill , a prohibition, a lease …even a survey (in a university library) etc refer to an AREA NOT to a POINT!
so if tag spaces could show/project in a separate window (maybe from google earth-pro ??) a kml or shp that may have the same name with a pdf and is found in the same folder (eg permit1.pdf and permit1.kml) , that would make tagspaces unique in handling such data and far more handy than any other free or paid software!!

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I thought that TagSpaces didn’t even support UTM co-ordinates. It only shows Plus Codes and MGRS for me.

The geotags in Plus Code format can be easily transformed into an UTM coordinates. We are actually already using this in the app:

We use Plus Code because they can encode latitude and longitude with a lot less characters, which is useful when you have tags in the file names.

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@ilian, per Support UTM co-ordinates for geotagging, would you consider adding them anyway? I sometimes only want a few characters of specificity (for this same reason – to refer to an area) in which case, UTM co-ordinates are actually more compact, and certainly more consistent.