Support Wayland

XWayland isn’t an adequate shim for most.

TagSpaces relays completely on Electron project for the desktop app, so if they support Wayland, TagSpaces will also support it.

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@ilian, does TagSpaces activate the functionality, though? Per, electron --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform --ozone-platform=wayland is necessary to use the included Wayland support.

Invoking merely provides

which appears to demonstrate that it isn’t even using XWayland, but rather X, since it doesn’t even attempt to scale at 200% like I have configured my window manager and compositor (KWin) to specify.

So what is your expectation, should we add the command line parameter to electron ? Or prefer to set them manually?

@ilian, what do you mean by set manually?

My suggestion is that you detect the compositor being used (X or Wayland) with the environment variable $XDG_SESSION_TYPE and, if Wayland, use the relevant flags when launching TagSpaces.