Video Thumbnail Past Title Screen

The default thumbnail shown for videos typically includes the title screen if they exist. For video thumbnails, it would be helpful to show the image at the ~15-20sec mark. This would avoid all thumbnails appearing the same for a folder where the title screen is the same. Similar to the way k-Lite codes handle thumbnail generation: K-Lite Codec Pack (

The thumbnail is created at the 1500ms of the video, so it is not the title screen. BTW, it TagSpaces Pro you can set a custom thumbnail for every file type.

Thanks, I was able to rebuild with the source code and set the time to 10sec and it addressed my challenges. However, if this is configurable in the pro version, I will purchase the pro version to take advantage of the updates without having to update it myself. Could you let me know if you can configure the time setting in the pro version? I wasn’t sure if you were saying I could set a custom thumbnail of my choosing or if I could configure the thumbnail generator to a specific point in time on the video. Thanks.