Adding multiple tag at once without having to reselect files


Is it possible to add multiple tags at once when selecting multiple files?

Currently, I have to reselect the files every time I want to add a new tag and was wondering if there is a way to speed up this process.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong ?

Thank you for your help and for creating this promising software!


(Testing TagSpace with the Light Version)

A separate bug fix was requested regarding how selection fucus is lost after renaming or tag drag and drop. Everyone is frustrated by these kind of flaws, but the software has been improving steadilly.

Two ways I compensate for this and other glitches:

  1. Select a bunch of files, then right click and add tags. In this dialog you can enter multiple tags and apply them in one action. Not drag and drop but effective.
  2. If you store tags in file names: Use an external bulk rename app. I’m on Linux so Krename is my crazy powerful go to solution. Because file names are so easily accessible I often use this tool to whack large tag blocks into large photo libraries, thus utterly bypassing TagSpaces. Heck I often tag files without TagSpaces running, because tapping F2 in a file explorer and renaming a file is so easy.