Feature Request: Option for user account specific tag libraries

Tag libraries appear to be kept in a common location for all users on a computer (at least on windows machines).
This is a problem because there is a need for different tag libraries depending on the user that is logged in. For example, a single user might have a work account, student account, and a personal account. Each account is used to do different things and the tag libraries should be to streamline workflows.
Additionally, a single computer may have several users who do not want to share tags. The existing approach only offer having a tag library or not.

The feature request is to have user specific tag libraries. So, if there are multiple accounts on a computer, there is a unique tag library for each user.

The tag library is kept in the local storage of the application, which is all operating system per user and not global. Here is what we understand under tag library: https://docs.tagspaces.org/ui/taglibrary

If you mean that an user can see the tags on files added by other users, this is intended and by design. The tags sticks to the filename or in sidecar files located in a sub-folder of the folder where the tagged file is located.

I can’t reproduce this. On my box, users already have private tag libraries.

As suggested by Illian, if one browses files tagged by other people, their tag library can absorb those tags by reading them from the files (.ts or filename). But it won’t know anything about customized tag colors or categorizations.

To have multiple users seeing the same tag options, colors and everything, one needs to use the library’s “export / import” tag features. This is exactly because different users do not see each others tag libraries. They must export them and share them if it’s necessary.

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