I have many requests

It would make my day, if. When you open externally you don’t have to go back to that application to pull it up. The internal video player doesn’t work. The set theme to os doesn’t work, there’s not even many ways to change the color of anything really. There’s no select multiple option there’s just individually and select all. It would be easy to use if you started from nothing, but it’s not a great organizer if you already have to manually click on each single file when you have a lot already just to add tags to them while thinking about it. How about allowing you to put a tag on the location folders themselves, sure, there’s an easy work around, but I am not going to have to type the location folder or go through the parent folder just to search for it either, and just to put a tag on it, I just started using it and it’s already an easy annoyance right in front of me. And why can’t you just add a tag right from right click, are you seriously telling me that I have to move my mouse up to the top or click on properties each time you add a new tag too? But if you could also add this an easy to use feature it’s what’s really going to make my day use a saved profile of tags you are allowed to assign to each or other folders to simultaneously mark all that’s inside with each of those tags altogether. Like, let me break this down for you, everything else above all would make it better to use, but lets just say that you have many files in folders you want to tag and there’s many folders with those kind of file you have to tag too, but as it so happens that just happens to be that you also have many and many other folders at the same time, so instead of putting all the same tags to everything inside on all of them, you put some for some folders and some others for other folders, that way when you type in specifically that one tag, at least you could try to organize all the files for that one tag one by one. I understand that there’s a way of using this to almost do just that, but that’s just the thing, you’re supposed to be making to replace a normal file explorer, but no one is going to make that switch if it’s not even at least like they could just switch back and forth between the two while believing that everything is where it needs to go when they pull it up.