Improvement suggestions for large folders

First off, I might have found a bug.

When searching a tag, if I try to then select all files that is shown as a result, it select everything (even non matching files). I found this when I tried to improve a tag (that was plural, where most other tags was singular). When adding the singular version of the tag to all that have matched, it went and applied it to thousands of files (even removing the tags from files that did not match - At some point I quit the app as it stopped responding, and only after opening it again, did I found out what had happened). I was expecting it to only select the files that is currently shown, from the filter, and apply changes only to them.

I am working with a couple of very large folders (one containing more than 25k files), and have determined that there are a couple of things that can be improved when working with so many files:

  • Add a quick page jumper would be awesome. In order to reduce the number of pages, I have it set to 1000 at a time; but with 25k+ files, that is still 26 pages. I want to be able to for example jump to page 10 (instead of going to 5 and then the next until I get to the page I want to continue from), to continue tagging there (as not all files have tags yet).
  • I want the app to continue generating the thumbnails, even while I am working. Due to the large number of files, most do not have a thumbnail yet. I want to be able to let it run its course and generate all missing thumbnails, and from then only the new ones when they arrive. Currently it seems to stop thumbnail generation when I start interacting with items.
  • When removing a tag, or multiple tags from a bunch of files, it still does it one by one (remove the tags, refresh the page/search, then to the next). This makes it take a very long time, and sometimes the app just go unresponsive (can’t click anywhere). I would like it to take the list of files, update them all, then refresh once.

I use it to manage stock images and videos. Tags include extra information like license, attribute details as well as what is in the photo/video. The Lite version seems to fit my needs, but with these improvements I will be able to more easily get the whole library taggged.

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