iPad version for education

I found TagSpaces through asking ChatGPT for file tagging software, something I’ve been looking for as a teacher due to having thousands of teaching resources with no adequate sorting or per-aim-tags. TagSpaces looks perfect, but there’s no iOS/iPad support, which is basically the same as saying “fuck off education customers” given how big iOS is in education. Hopefully one is on the way?

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I would also pay for an Android or iOS version.

I must correct my statement: I have now found out that there is an Android app, but the App Store says that I am not allowed to install this app on my phone. After another search I have now found the apk file and installed it.

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Regarding the iOS version, you can install the web version of TagSpaces and open it on the iOS browser as a PWA-app. The only thing is that your files should be located on a S3 compatible bucket and not on your Apple device.