Making tag schemas more powerful - case enforcement and typo / new tag warnings

For those of us who need to enforce some semantics and standardization, the flexibility of TagSpaces is a double edged sword.

For example with upper and lower case letters. Does anyone really want to spawn a new tag if we have “Summer” in our tag library and someone’s put “summer” into a file name tag? Wouldn’t the smart thing be to give us the option to let the tag library fix such things? I see no use case for valid tags with different capitalization since it’s such a poor way to encode meaning. It’s a matter of personal style, pick a way and stick with it.

Another example in the same line of thinking: Typos. If I’m typing away and adding tags, and accidentally type “sumer” instead of “summer”, I would really appreciate if TagSpaces could raise a warning and ask me what to do about this new tag that isn’t in my library. An option to change it, or confirm to create a new tag seems sensible, and if adding a tag, was asked what category the tag should go in.

I certainly design the tag schema with the goal of enforcing it, and am probably not alone. Would be great if the app had my back and kept us messy humans a bit more under control. :slight_smile: