FR: ADD option to use #test#better as a way to tag!

tagspaces (TS)'s way: document[apple banana car].txt

chinese tag1yst (TL) 's way: document#apple#banana#car.txt

suppose I got other files in my drive say

TS’s way of tag wlll make search with ordinary 3rd parties fail, e.g.
use “everything” to search “apple” or “banana” or “car” will give rise to OTHER files that I dont intent to find

I’ll say TL’s way of search in “everything” using #car, #banana #apple could lead me EXACTLY to what I want.

actually myself prefer merge them into:


btw, i have asked to have the SIDECAR files putting in the SAME folder as the index file, not in a .ts folder, this allows handling files with 3rd party softwares.
asked for many years but never got attention.

and thanks for this suggestion. Using the hash (#) in file names is not recommended, since # is used in URLs to refer anchors in HTML. And since TagSpaces has a web version, this will be a problem.

The second request, about making the location of sidecar files configurable is a huge change, for which we currently do not have capacity to implement. But I like the idea…

ok, for point 1, then i suggest use hyphenations as the “tag”:


in this way i can still search -apple instead of apple,
when i have files like


for point 2, sidecar file in same folder is more reasonable and should be the default way from beginning.


the reason i want 3rd party software able to handle the filenames alongside TS,
is that:

  1. TS wont provide ALL functions, there must be things that 3rd party software provide and TS not
  2. TS, as told by comments in alternativeto or else, is ridiculously slow. Even tens of images could handicap TS. But TS wont be of no use, say it may be used to sort the tags, add tags to several files at the same time, search and sort tags etc.