Allow to delete multiple Tags from the keyboard (Delete)

It is taking to many steps to delete a filter and require to combined mouse and keyboard.
Also I would be happy to select multipule TAGS and to hit delete and not to delete one by one.
After working for an hour to create and to manage my tags I got tired

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Completely agree. What I was going to suggest also.

Agreed. There’s a lot of other pain points that combine to make tagging a hassle:

  1. please add an option to disable confirmation dialogue when removing a tag via the folder view. This is yet another unnecessary thing that forces me to have to use my mouse.
  2. right clicking a tag in the tag library should give an option to delete the tag from all files.
  3. changing the name of a tag in the tag library should change the name of the tag on the actual files themselves as well.
  4. add option to remove a tag via middle mouse click.
  5. tag library > collected tags should only contain tags that don’t belong to a tag group. It should also have a feature to scrub tags that no longer exist. It’s a hassle to use “collected tags” in it’s current incarnation. As it is, I’m not going to bother using tag groups since I have no way to see specifically stuff that hasn’t been added to a tag group yet.
  6. on the first startup of tagspaces, it should ask the user if they want to run “collect tags from current location.” I had no clue this was an option until 4 days after I started using the software.
  7. edit tag group > “apply color changes to all tags of the group” should NOT deactivate itself. It should stay activated and enforce the color change on any newly added tags until it’s deactivated since that’s the expected/orthodox behavior of a toggle AND it makes for a much more efficient workflow.