Drag Files Into Browser to Open

I often want to open many files at once in my browser. In File Explorer, I can select the files, drag them to Firefox, and each will open in a new tab. Of course, File Explorer is not nearly as good at the organization side of things, but if TabSpaces lets me find the files I want to open but doesn’t let me conveniently open them, what’s the point?

The feature I’m requesting is the ability to drag files from the manager directly into a browser to open them.

Thanks for your time!

If this isn’t going to be available soon, would it be easier to implement something where I can select files, right-click them, and then have “open in Firefox” in the file menu?

Is there something I can do to implement this, or a workaround? I’m trying to set up the code so I can try making edits myself, but I can’t get it to compile.