Enhancements to File Manager


I’d like to propose some enhancements to the file management features.

  1. Navigate Automatically to the Folder Destination of Moved/Copied Files:
    When users move/copy folders/files, they should have the option to make the target path the currently selected path.

  2. Speed Up Copying/Moving Big Folders:
    Additionally, I request to accelerate copying/moving of large folders. It takes very long compared to Windows File Explorer, and sometimes residual folders/files are left behind in the original location of moved files/folders.

  3. Offer an Alternative For Windows File Explorer: Alternatively, please integrate options like Move, Copy, Tag, Untag and especially Open File/Folder in TagSpaces into the context menu of the Windows File Explorer.

    1. Open Folder in TagSpaces: Ask the user to choose a location from the Location Manager if the selected folder is located in more than one connected location. Don’t show this option if the folder doesn’t exist in any connected location. A new window of TagSpaces opens, and the currently selected path in TagSpaces is set to the path of the folder selected in Windows File Explorer.

    2. Open File in TagSpaces: The same procedure applies to the parent folder of the selected file. Additionally, the file is opened inside TagSpaces in the preview pane.

  4. pCloud Delete File/Folder Not Working: pCloud is a cloud storage service enjoyed by many people like me. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to delete files/folders inside the pCloud virtual folder on Windows 10/11 from within TagSpaces. TagSpaces shows a success message although the files/folders are not truly removed. This problem occurs not in OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox. Please take a look at this issue if possible.

I hope these suggestions can be considered for improving the functionality and user-friendliness of file management. Thank you for your attention.