Android - All Files Access

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This request is related to at least 2 problems on Android. One is that file operations are very slow. The other is that preserving timestamps isn’t always possible with the current method.

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I’m always frustrated when I observe how long it takes to index and/or generate thumbnails, and how insanely long it takes to add or remove tags to large numbers of files (I tag in the filenames if it matters). I’m also frustrated by the present inability to move files at all but that might be a bug?

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I want to take advantage of much faster storage APIs.

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Currently the app uses Storage Access Framework AKA “SAF” to grant access to directories. It also appears to use SAF for file operations too. This is very flexible and safe but it is also slow. Very slow. A much better method in my opinion is to ask for the MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission AKA “All Files Access”. This gives your app raw file path access to USB, SD card, and built in storage. Only Android/data is restricted. You can use java file io api or other solutions.

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All Files Access is available to use for any app if it’s side loaded but Google Play requires an app to request permission to use it. As your app is all about file management and that is one of the permitted use cases I expect you can get that permission.

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