Download/save files without needing to view them first

Currently I have no way of downloading a file to my local machine without first opening it internally within TagSpaces. The download button is only available in the viewing area. This is a problem for multiple reasons…

Here are some examples:

  1. Downloading multiple files is cumbersome
    ----------because I have to open each one individually and then press the “start the download” button
  2. Downloading folders is impossible
    ----------because they aren’t files and don’t get ‘viewed’ in the viewing area
  3. Downloading large files crashes TagSpaces
    ----------because TagSpaces thinks it can view them (think text logs generated by industrial
    ----------machines) but they are too big and the program crashes

What would be great is to be able to, at the very least, have “download” be part of the right-click menu so we can download files (and folders) without having to view them first. What would also be great is having a download button in the perspective area–where files are listed–that way we can select multiple files and download them to our local machine, all at once.

Please, a fundamental part of any information/item exchange is to be able to transfer it without having to look at it. Imagine being in a store and having to open every boxed item before purchasing it, or not being able to order something online because you had to be personally shown the item first!
This is a ground-level feature of many file systems, and it would serve your platform well to have it, too.