Keep file selected after rename or have an option to

after renaming, renamed file remains displayed but is no longer selected. Which I’d like not to. I’d like file to remain selected after renaming, or at least have an option to

Yes! I second the request… This drives me bonkers as I do a LOT of file renaming in TagSpaces. As far as I’m concerned, no discreet action like a “file rename” should ever alter user focus or set the selected files to null as it now does.

This is the modern way all software works because reverting to a “nothing selected” state will be useless 100% of the time. Inversely if you just leave a user’s focus undisturbed, there is a pretty good chance that they will want to take a second action on the same selection.

I waste a lot of time re-selecting what was already selected, over and over again as I refine or add to a tag set… :-/